New colleagues - 2018

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On May 1, Hans-Jörg Schulz started as Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science. He joins the Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction group

Professional background: Hans-Jörg received his diploma in Computer Science and his doctorate degree in Computer Graphics from the University of Rostock in 2004 and 2010, respectively. His area of research is Visual Analytics and Information Visualization, where he works on a broad spectrum of topics surrounding the visual analysis of structured data from various application fields including the life sciences and geosciences.

Personal interests: He likes to spend his free time outdoors hiking, cycling, or geocaching with his wife. His favorite vacation spots are the Nordic countries for long distance hiking, and the Alps for climbing and snow shoeing.  

On February 1st, Mirzel Avdic joins the Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction group as a PhD student. His main supervisor will be Jo Vermeulen.

Professional background: Mirzel received his Bachelor's degree in Interaction Design in 2014. This degree is a mixture of design and engineering where he spent most of his time bridging users and technology.

He received his Master's degree in IT - Product Design in 2017. Here the focus was on the design process, although, he always tried to include some hands-on work by making prototypes. During his Masters he spent 1 semester abroad in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Personal interests: In his spare time (if he will have any left :) he likes to workout, cook "healthy" meals, learn new skills... anything that he finds useful.

On February 1st, Nathalie Bressa, joined the Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction group as a PhD student. Her main supervisor will be Jo Vermeulen.


Professional background:  Before joining Aarhus University,  I obtained my master's degree in Software Engineering at the University of St Andrews and my ba​chelor's degree in Computer Science and Media at the Media University Stuttgart.

Personal interests: In my spare time, I enjoy food, swimming and hiking.

On February 1st, Rasmus Kiilmann, joins the Algorithms and Data Structures group as a PhD student. His supervisor will be Peyman Afshani.

*More information will follow**

On February 1st, Daniel Tschudi, joins the Cryptography and Security group as a postdoc.

Professional background

Before joining the crypto group at Aarhus University, Daniel did his PhD in the Cryptography and Information Security Group lead by Ueli Maurer at ETH Zurich. Even before that, Daniel studied mathematics, also at ETH.

Daniel's main research interest in cryptography is multi-party computation. Topics include topology-hiding communication, blockchains, and general adversary protocols.

Personal interests

Daniel is a judoka and enjoys swimming.