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New colleagues - 2016 - Archive

On November 1, Martin Torp started as a PhD student in the Programming Languages group.

Professional background: I received my bachelor's degree in computer science this summer, and I begins my Ph.D. in the CASA group where I will be supervised by Anders Møller. Before my enrollment, I worked as a student programmer in the same group for eight months.

Personal interests: I enjoy cooking, reading and watching movies. Moreover, I like to spend time with friends and family.

On September 1, Eve Hoggan started as associate professor

Professional background: Prior to my job as associate professor at CS, I have worked as a Science Fellow at Aalto University in Finland, where I have been employed since June 2013. Prior to this employment (since October 2010) I worked as a post doc at the Institute for Information Technology and Helsinki University in Finland.

Personal interests:  In my spare time, I enjoy hiking with my dogs, playing the flute, and travelling.

On August 1, Alexander Mathiasen started as a PhD student at MADALGO supervised by Kasper Green Larsen.

On September 1, Mathias Høier starts as a PhD student in the Logic and Semantics group, supervised by Lars Birkedal.

On August 1, Casper Freksen started as a PhD student at MADALGO supervised by Kasper Green Larsen.

Professional background
I received my Bachelor's in Computer Science at Aarhus University in 2015. I then began my Master's, but switched to a Ph.D. scholarship as a 4+4 student. I was/am a TA throughout most of my studies, and I have been a part of the Computer Science Friday Bar ("Fredagscaféen") board for the past two and a half years, currently as chair.

Personal interest
I am interested in films, video games (less now than before), and have recently begun reading a series of fantasy books titled "The Wheel of Time". I also like to spend time learning more about the tools presented during my studies, in particular I like to improve my LaTeX and Emacs skills.

Svend Christian Svendsen started as PhD student at MADALGO on August 1, 2016.

Professional Background: I obtained my Bachelor's degree from Aarhus University in July 2016. Previously, I have worked as a student programmer at MADALGO and SCALGO, maintaining a software library used to implement external memory algorithms and data structures. During my PhD I will be working under the supervision of Lars Arge.

Personal Interests: In my spare time i enjoy powerlifting, programming competitions, running and watching movies.

Simon started as a new 4+4 PhD student August 1st, 2016 in the Data Intensive Systems group in collaboration with the Computer Mediated Activity group. The project, currently termed FounData, is focused on developing new technologies, designs, and concepts improving the transparency and interpretability of data mining and data analytics. The goal is to make analyses as well as their results and the implicit assumptions underlying these easier to understand, discuss, and criticize, improving it's usability in the many fields that have become reliant on such analyses like political decision making, modern medicine, or economics, where data science expertise might not be ubiquitous. The project is supervised by Ira Assent and co-supervised by Susanne Bødker.

Professional background: I studied my bachelors degree in computer science at Aarhus University after studying a single year of physics also at Aarhus University. My master's studies immediately succeeding my bachelors were cut short by my application for my current PhD scholarship. While staying at Aarhus University I have worked as a student programmer for a smaller student firm, I have TA'ed at the Department of Computer Science, and I have worked as a student game developer for the Science@Home group at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Personal interests: In my spare time I love to cook, watch movies, go to art exhibitions, and play grand strategy games.

Mark Simkin started as a PhD student in the Cryptography and Security on August 1. Mark is being supervised by Ivan Damgård and Claudio Orlandi. 

Main interests include secure multiparty computation, differential privacy, and zero knowledge proof systems.

Thomas Dueholm Hansen started as an assistant professor in the Algorithms and Data Structures group on May 1, 2016.

Professional background:I have a PhD degree from Aarhus University from 2012, and I received a Google Europe Doctoral Fellowship in game theory, as well as an AUFF PhD award. After my PhD I was postdoc at Tel Aviv University for a year, and at Stanford University for another year. I then returned to work as a postdoc in Aarhus, on my own Carlsberg funded project. I received a best paper award at the STOC 2011 conference. My main research interests involve the design and analysis of algorithms for problems in optimization and game theory.

Personal interests: I enjoy strategic board games, disc golf, reading books, and watching movies.

Myroslav Bachynskyi started as a PostDoc in the Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction group on April 4, 2016.

Professional background: I got my Bachelor in Computer Science in Kyiv at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, than my Master and PhD studies in Computer Science went in Saarbruecken at the University of Saarland, Max Planck Institute for Informatics and the Cluster of Excellence on Multimodal Computing and Interaction. My research focuses on development and application of data-driven methods for the HCI tasks. Novel interaction methods such as full-body, gestural or touch interaction offer immense design space. It is impossible to compare experimentally all design alternatives and pure intuition can be misleading. I want to improve interaction methods by capturing the whole design space and formalizing its performance and  ergonomics properties in a mathematical model. I adopt optical motion capture and biomechanical simulation besides standard performance measurement methods for the HCI experiments to achieve the goal. Here I will work on a physiologically-based forward simulation of HCI-related movements.

Personal Interests:
I like to travel and get acquainted with new cultures, walk and play with my dog, cycle, run, swim, read books, play boardgames, table football or sometimes table tennis.

Peter Hoffmann started working in the CS administration as Business and External Communication Coordinator on April 1, 2016.

Professional background: I have an educational background as journalist from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus. In 2011, I obtained a master's degree in business communications from  Aarhus BSS. I have worked with a broad range of communication assignments for companies within business, health and education.  Prior to my employment at CS, I worked as PR and communications officer at Mercantec, a large educational institution in Viborg offering upper secondary technical and commercial educations/courses (3000 annual students).

As Business and External Communication Coordinator at CS I will be working with external communications, business collaboration, industry events, alumni activities and fundraising. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Personal interest: Photography, running, travelling & trekking, sports, cooking and obtaining a (smaller) degree in the art of parenthood for my newborn son Valdemar (approx 4 weeks).

Tobias Nilges started as a PostDoc in the Cryptography and Security group on February 1, 2016.

Professional background: I hold a Diploma and a PhD from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. My research focus is the design of cryptographically secure protocols based on tamper-proof hardware devices such as smart cards.

Personal interests: I enjoy climbing, bouldering and hiking.

Mikhail Raskin started working as a postdoc at the Cryptography and Security group.

Professional background: My professional background is mixed, I obtained my PhD at the Moscow State University and it is formally considered «mathematics», but I have also some experience in practical programming (both with research-style projects and with developing and maintaining information systems in education). So now I am in a group that does Theoretical Computer Science, namely, Game Theory.

Personal interests: As of personal interests, many parts of my profession(s) are also my hobbies, I also like reading (usually science fiction). In Moscow I sometimes rollerskated, but here the landscape suggests switching to cycling.

Peter Lyle started working as a postdoc at the Computer Mediated Activity group on January 2, 2016.

Professional background

Previously I have worked with the Urban Informatics Research Lab at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, where I completed my PhD, exploring the role and opportunities for interaction design in the context of urban agriculture.

In my new job I will be working with Susanne Bødker and her team to look at opportunities for interaction design within communities in Aarhus, applying similar approaches.

Personal interests

In my spare time, I enjoy music, photography, gaming of all formats, and travelling.

Manuel Ciosici started as an industrial PhD in the Data-Intensive Systems group on January 15, 2016.

The "Automatic document ranking and search techniques for a discovery engine" project is a new IndustrialPhD project starting January 15, 2016. Manuel Rafael Ciosici will be employed at Unsilo, where his company supervisor will be Mario Juric. At the same time, he will be a member of the Data-Intensive Systems group, supervised by Ira Assent.

Manuel's IndustrialPhD project targets novel search, ranking and recommendation strategies for scientific research in document corpora. We address the particular challenges that lie in the nature of scientific documents for document indexing and retrieval, as terminology is highly specialized, under rapid development, and with complex semantic meanings and connections.

Professional background: I finished my masters at AU in December 2015. I wrote my master’s thesis under the supervision of Ira Assent and Sean Chester and looked at clustering words with a focus on language models. While studying for my master’s degree, I worked as a teaching assistant as well as a student programmer with the Data Intensive Group.

Personal interests: In my spare time I like to play around with electronics and fly gliders.

Malene Sjørslev Søholm has just started as new PhD student January 1st, 2016 in the Future Cropping project, funded by the Inno+ funding scheme. Future Cropping integrates vast amounts of data from next generation agricultural and environmental technologies into intelligent, efficient and sustainable solutions for site-specific crop management and environmental regulation. Malenes research focuses on analysis across all farming steps in the crop-cycle to support agricultural advisers and farmers in optimizing crop yield and environmental protection, where she will contribute data mining solutions that handle the complexity and heterogeneity of the data pool. She is part of the Data-Intensive Systems group, supervised by Ira Assent, and co-supervised by Thomas Skjødeberg Toftegaard, Department of Engineering.

Professional background: I obtained my Master's degree from Aarhus University October 2015, where I completed my thesis under the supervision of Ira Assent and Sean Chester in the area of representative skyline queries. I have completed two exchange studies at the University of Hong Kong in spring 2013 and the University of Western Ontario in fall 2014, respectively. My main research interests are data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, I have worked as a student programmer at a consulting company in Aarhus for 3 years.

Personal interests: My personal interests include learning new languages, swimming, and travelling.

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