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How to organize re-examination in interim master courses

Below you find the general rules for re-examination and what we recommend at the Department of Computer Science.

  • As in all other exams the students are entitled to 3 examination attempts
  • The lecturer plans the re-examinations. Since everybody are probably interested in a quick re-examination to avoid a long tale of un-finished courses the re-examination can in principle take place an hour after the ordinary exam.
  • After the re-examination fill in, print and sign a protocol  (login med daimi-username og password) and hand it over to Arne Nis Jensen.
  • The evaluation form at re-examinations are as default the same as at the ordinary exam. However, sometimes this might be both difficult and impractical and you can therefore apply the study board to change the evaluation form to eg an oral exam. If the students agree, such an application will normally be approved.
  • At the 3rd examination attempt the student is entitled to have an examiner present. In general we recommend always to have an examiner present at the 3rd examination attempt. 
  • And just to be on the sure side: If the student passed the course but is not satisfied with the grade re-examination is NOT possible.
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