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Office Committee


Annemette Hammer (Chairman), ahammer@cs.au.dk

Olav Bertelsen, olavb@cs.au.dk

Dorthe Haagen Nielsen, dortheas@cs.au.dk

Gerth Stølting Brodal, gerth@cs.au.dk

Søren Poulsen, poulsen@cs.au.dk

Steen Blach, blach@science.au.dk

Kasper Sacharias Eenberg - kse@mahavira.dk

Jonas Hovmand - jonas@hovmand.eu

Katrine Scheel Nellemann - 201509419@post.au.dk 

Stig Grøntved - dansesemester@post.au.dk

Andreas Birch Olsen - abolsen@cs.au.dk

Daniel Graungaard - daniel@graungaard.com




The minutes from the committee meetings can be reached here: Committee minutes


The office committee is responsible for the distribution and maintenance of the offices in the department.

The committee deals with the following issues:

•        Distribution of offices among staff members and students

•        Lecture rooms, store rooms, etc.

•        Planning of maintenance and repairs

•        Purchase of furniture

•        Physical study environment

•        Inspection of copy & printmachines (in collaboration with ST_IT)

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