Lab Committee



The Lab Committee (in Danish: Laboratorie-udvalget) is responsible for equipment and work facilities in the research and teaching laboratories at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. The Committee conducts the strategic planning and the daily operations of the department's pool of electronic equipment and prototyping facilities for education and research. 

The committee deals with the following issues:

  • The committee makes recommendations for the long-term, strategic planning of the lab facilities.
  • The committee makes recommendations for all major investments in prototyping/lab equipment at the department.
  • The committee has the responsibility for the work environment in the laboratories

The  Lab committee is responsible the collaboration with external entities including the caretakers at IT-Byen Katrinebjerg (Drift it-byen) and other departments at AU, related to the above-mentioned equipment, planning, or daily operations.


Get in touch with the lab committee by contacting the chairman Søren Poulsen.


Chomsky/Stibitz lab

The Chomsky/Stibitz lab mainly used for teaching activites for the It Product Development Programme.

The lab holds a wide range of sensors/actuators/prototyping equipment, which is accesible for students at CS. to book equipment or materials please contact

Zuse lab

The Zuse lab is also known as the LegoLab and is primarily used for the Embedded Sytems, Embodied Agents course. The lab also holds all desktop computer available for students at CS (PC/Linux)


The iRum (Hopper-137) is a research lab mainly used by the UBI Group, but can also be booked for other research or students activities. 

Equipment to book

Various equipment can be booked by CS Students and employees for research and educational purposes:

4683 / i36