Reimbursements in AURUS


When you are employed by the university and have any expenses, you will need to get an AURUS account. If you have any questions about this, please contact your Research Group Coordinator.

When using your AU Credit Card the credit card transactions will automatically appear in AURUS after a couple of days.

If you use your private credit card you'll need to put in the expense manually (see video guides further down).


Before you start make sure you have the following ready: 

  • Have your receipts in order and scanned into one document, make sure it's a PDF file, so Economy will be able to open it. Alternatively you can combine your PDF files on the computer with Adobe. 
  • The project number and activity number, which will be paying for your expense. If you are in doubt, please ask your Research Group Coordinator.
  • If your expense involves food, you need to put in a participant list.
  • If you are a PhD or PostDoc, then you need the approved travel application as one of your attachments. You can find the travel application here.


  • How to add project and activity number - 0:34
  • How to add transactions - 1:00
  • How to add expense type - 1:18
  • How to add attachment - 1:29
  • How to add expenses bought with your private credit card - 1:47
  • How to add financial controller - 2:12
  • How to add country/destination/purpose/dates - 0:12
  • How to add project and activity number - 0:49
  • How to add transactions - 1:11
  • How to add expense type - 1:20
  • How to add attachment - 1:29
  • How to add/edit meals - 2:09
  • How to add vehicle usage - 2:39
  • How to add financial controller - 3:17


Find AURUS quick guides here - they are available in both English and Danish.

If you need help with AURUS, please contact Office trainee Yasmin Marie Jensen or your Research Group Coordinator.



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